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Thermal lunch box with 800ml capacity consisting of 2 divisions, the top one with 300ml and the bottom one with 500ml.

- Maintains the temperature for up to 4 hours hot and 6 hours cold

- BPA Free – material suitable for contact with food

- Can go in the freezer

How to use:

Heat - Place very hot food inside the SmartBowl after rinsing it in hot water. Close immediately.

Cold – Place the food from the refrigerator and close it.


Wash by hand, do not use abrasive pads. Leave to dry well with the lids open, so that it is perfect for the next use.

NOTE: Maintaining the temperature inside depends on the temperature at which the food is placed inside, the type of food and the outside temperature. It is recommended to carry the SmartBowl in an isothermal lunch box to increase its ability to maintain temperature.

Marca SmartLunch
Cor Verde
Capacidade 800 ml

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