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It’s not by chance that they say “we are what we eat…”. In actual truth, our well-being, health and even happiness depend a lot on what we eat. However, stressful life, appointments, work and the constant daily “on-the-go” lead us into placing the choice of healthy food habits in second place. We make choices that often reflect a criterion of quickness, more than the criterion of being healthy. We choose to eat snacks at the closest Pastry Shop, or a soup which has been heating for hours… Just because we think we don’t have time to prepare anything at home!!
Preparing meals at home to take with you is the only way of knowing exactly what you eat. The freshness of the ingredients, the quantity and portions of different food types.
Not to mention the love that is placed in each preparation!
Fortunately, nowadays, there are a growing number of people, who, being aware of the benefits of taking meals from home, are starting to systematically adopt this lifestyle.
SmartFood is the food brand of SmartLunch, which will revolutionize your life! Smartfood offers a variety of Meals, Snacks and Ingredients that are 100% organic without colorants, preservatives or additives, of higher quality, which will ease your life when preparing your meals in or outdoors.
And the preparation… easy, very easy and quick!! Try it and you will see it!



SmartLunch created the club LunchboxLovers for all those who choose healthy and balanced meals brought from home! With the LunchboxLovers’ card, you will become a privileged member of the SmartLunch family, hence, benefitting from a wide range of advantages:

  • Getting to know new products at first hand;Newsletters with exclusive new items for members;
  • Newsletters with exclusive new items for members;
  • Monthly discounts in selected products;
  • Access to Show Cookings;
  • Participation in Open Days and other SmartLunch events;

And many other news and surprises! Start benefitting from the advantages now, as a Lunchbox Lover member! When subscribing the card, you will get an immediate discount of €5,00 in your first purchase (by showing the card).

cooking games...

. . . Because Friendship is Fed!!!

Cooking is fun and one doesn’t have to be an expert in the kitchen… Especially if we share it with friends.

Based on these ideas, SmartLunch has developed 3 cooking experimentation games with different themes.

The “I Don’t Even Know How to Fry an Egg” is aimed at all people, even those who can’t even imagine how anything is made… They have never gone into the kitchen, and when they did, they only messed up… It’s a game of ingredient discovery.

“Tidbits Are For Me” and “All Mixed Up” are for lovers of good food. For all those who like to experiment and make improbable combinations to eat formally, or simply delight themselves…
These are games that have an Offline component, of gathering and sharing round the table, and Online through cooking achievements on Facebook’s CookingGames.

With CookinGames, we wish to promote gatherings amongst friends through challenge, experimentation, sharing and a lot of joy round the kitchen!!