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It’s the Design Premium Collection. It’s available in a unique size, but is composed of two containers, one of which of 500 ml, and the other of 450 ml, enabling the separation of different food types. It has an ergonomic design with rounded internal corners, which makes it easy to use. This lunchbox has the possibility of integrating a set of accessories; cutlery and gel (non-included in the purchase of Smartbento), for hot or cold, which can be integrated in its interior, and may be bought separately. It’s a very compact lunchbox that easily and tightly carries a full meal.



Duas marmitas numa só! 

Transporte sopa e um prato principal, prato principal e salada, sopa e salada, sopa e fruta, um prato principal e fruta! Seja criativo, escolha a sua combinação preferida para o seu almoço e transporte-a na sua SmartBento!